Kettlebell Expo
By Kettlebell Jess
On 20 Dec, 2016

Wow, just wow!!! This kettlebell expo went from being just a friendly competition with a few good mates. To attracting athletes from all around the globe! What an honour to host everyone here in the gym at Kettlebell Central.

Nationals 2016
By Kettlebell Jess
On 10 Aug, 2016

GSAA Nationals 2016 was a well run competition! With record numbers proving that kettlebell sport is growing. The comp was held by James Ross in his fantastic gym, The Richmond Gym.

Kettlebells, why?
By Kettlebell Jess
On 12 Jul, 2016

So many people ask me this question, and I don't blame them. I ask myself that nearly every day while training......My answer is I absolutely LOVE it!

Kettlebell Jess Friendly Results
By Kettlebell Jess
On 13 Jun, 2016

We didn't have an ideal start to the weekend, with torrential rain and flooding forecast it's not the most inviting weather to venture out of home. None the less, the committed made the effort to give it their all on the platform.

Kettlebells and Food....
By Kettlebell Jess
On 09 Mar, 2016

An interview with Cam McDonald, Team Kettlebell Jess dietitian, Exercise Physiologist, and healthy eating extraordinaire!

Team Kettlebell Jess Athlete - Jo Morgan
By Kettlebell Jess
On 03 Mar, 2016

Jo is a laugh a minute, and true athlete when it comes to kettlebell sport.

Managing the downs of competition….
By Kettlebell Jess
On 05 Jan, 2016

I had NEVER done this before. Not in training, not in a competition. I just didn’t understand it.

 Team Australia heads to the Isle of Leprechauns and craic……

Team Australia officially ranked 16th out of 37 countries, which is a fantastic effort for our first time having proper team representation. Each team member put in massive efforts, all earning themselves competition PB’s. What more could you ask for out of your team mates?!?!

Team Kettlebell Jess Athlete – Laura Brown

Olympic weightlifting originally being Laura’s passion, she built a great base of strength and technique to assist with girevoy sport lifts. Laura’s nickname has always being ‘pocket rocket’ explaining her strength and determination to just get the task done!

Team Kettlebell Jess Athlete - Valerie Abbott
By Kettlebell Jess
On 13 Nov, 2015

In a short time Val has grown in strength and technique. With her first competition being biathlon 12kg (double kettlebells for jerk). And here Val is, a short 18 months later competing at worlds in 16kg snatch!

My City Life - Jess Wadd:  Kettlebell Queen
By Sarah Do Rozario
On 29 Oct, 2015

"Learn from the best to be the best. Always be more and do more. Heart, strength and courage." This is the message from the studio of Kettlebell Jess in New Farm. And as the owner, Jess Wadd is at the forefront of growing the relatively unknown sport of Kettlebell training in Australia.

Brisbane 1 Hour Long Cycle Marathon
By Kettlebell Jess
On 23 Oct, 2015

All of the Kettlebell Jess crew participated in this phenomenal event to help raise funds and awareness to those affected by autism.

Team Kettlebell Jess Athlete - Steph Jessup

Kettlebells has become an addictive obsession in Steph’s life. She has a passion for doing things correctly, and loves that you can’t cheat with kettlebells.

Team Kettlebell Jess Athlete - Kristina Ramsay
By Kettlebell Jess
On 30 Sep, 2015

Kristina has gone from strength to strength, moving smoothly from representing Australia in Karate to now Kettlebell sport.....

Team Kettlebell Jess Athlete - Kate Krasch
By Kettlebell Jess
On 18 Sep, 2015

Kate is a fantastic example of what passion, commitment and a willingness to have fun will achieve in a sporting career.

Post comp highs....
By Kettlebell Jess
On 10 Jun, 2015

Most of the Kettlebell Jess crew competed the other weekend at the Kettlebell Garage competition. It was a fantastic event as always, and a massive thank you to Scott and Bec for hosting us all!!

Welcome to Kettlebell Jess
By Jessica Wadd
On 22 May, 2015

Ohhhh man, I hate writing these things…you know, explaining who you are. It’s right at that point when you go to start typing something and you magically forget EVERYTHING about yourself. And then you are like, do I say that? Or is that too much information? And how deep do you go? How far is too far?