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What does this course cover?

This course is perfect for beginner to intermediate kettle bell enthusiasts. Covering the proper mechanics, breathing and kettle bell flow for all classic lifts.

The course will focus on two main points:

Mastering the basics – you will learn all the basic kettle bell exercises, variations and most importantly the key physical training principles. This will help to break down the movements and understand them.

Coaching – as well as learning to increase your own fitness, you will learn how to break down each movement and have the ability to coach clients safely and effectively. You will learn corrections exercises for common mistakes or weak points. 

Why do I need this course?

  1. To incorporate kettlebells into your clients training sessions you need to be appropriately qualified
  2. You will increase your clients calorie burning per session to nearly double!
  3. Learn how to safely lift and coach kettlebells

Why choose Kettlebell Jess?

  1. Jess actually practises what she preaches, competing in Kettlebell Sport and representing Australia on numerous occasions
  2. Jess is on the forefront of gender equality for Kettlebell sport being the first female in Australia to compete in professional Biathlon (24kg) with double kettlebells for Jerk.
  3. Jess is the coach to the Kettlebell Jess team in Brisbane, with majority of them qualifying to represent Australia
  4. Coached by a Russian - Ivan Denisov, Jess knows and understands the traditional coaching techniques that will get you results. 


“The Kettlebell Jess course is amazing!. The minute I started the warm up, I knew it was exactly what I was looking for. I have studied for and taken many Kettlebell certifications in the past – but I always had trouble nailing all the essential information to pass on to my clients– even after the courses were over. This course is clear and concise and offers much more information than I expected. Thanks Jess and I am looking forward to using the skills I have learnt asap!"

Simon Mager- Senior Careers Scout and Personal Trainer, Australian Institute of Fitness QLD


"The course was awesome and I definitely have a better understanding of kettlebells and how to use them with proper technique. I am very strict when I teach technique so I’m glad I found that with this course. I don’t think anything could be improved on as I found it all really valuable."

Troy Symmons - Personal trainer and owner of Beenleigh franchise, Fitness Enhancement


“I have participated in a lot of different courses and training styles so I have seen a lot of different approaches to warm ups, coaching and exercise so it was awesome to learn new techniques that I have never seen before!  Not only is the Kettlebell Jess Coaching course fun but it is very comprehensive with a big focus on safety.  Jess herself also walks the walk having years of experience coaching and participating in the sport at an international level, so I’m learning from a pro!"

Chris – Fitness & Massage Coach, Australian Institute of Fitness Qld


"I would highly recommend anyone wanting to learn kettlebell techniques to do the course with kettlebell Jess. She has a wealth of knowledge and very experienced to coach you through the techniques. Well worth it, it was great."

Deb McWaters


"Thoroughly enjoyed the beginners kettle bell course. The skills I learnt will not only help with my own training but that of all my clients. I am feeling confident and motivated towards running my very first kettle bell class at the studio I work at. Thank you for giving me the skills and confidence I needed towards coaching my own clients. Most of all thank you for giving me a new found passion for kettle bells. I look forward to the advanced class in May."

Tamara Monteret

Beginner & Advanced $599.00 AUDBeginner $349.00 AUDAdvanced $349.00 AUD

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