Saga Wessman
Name Saga Wessman

I have been involved with kettlebell sport since 2013 but it was not until march 2016 after Arnold Classic, I decided to change my coach and train under Jess. This was the best decision I’ve ever made as I have never been training under a structured program and actually being pushed to achieve particular goals in this sport. I believe without moving to train under Jess I would never had the courage to believe I can make the Australian national team and present my country on the world stage. On top of this I got the chance to compete in my favourite lift, and being placed as number 4 in the world!!! Jess pushes you in a way that makes you a well-rounded kettlebell athlete and making sure you progress to achieve your goals. Both my strength and cardio have sky rocked with seasonal technique skill adjustments to improve competition numbers.

I believe Jess is an excellent ambassador for the sport in Australia and with her training program anything is possible!!!

Saga Wessman

Australian National Kettlebell team member

Steph Jessup
Name Steph Jessup

Well, where to start about Jess? I am writing this knowing that yesterday she set a World Record for the first female to lift double 24kg in biathlon, which is pretty damn amazing! I also know that even though she would be proud of this feat, she would be very humble about it and tell us all that we inspire her to keep going and progress further. This is why we all love having her as a coach; our little “family” has a culture of sharing and building each other up. This is fostered by Jess with her style of leadership. What I enjoy most is being able to work through the technical components of the lift with Jess and her taking on board my thoughts about what works for me. The recognition that each of us has a different anatomy and skills to utilise, rather than pushing us to do a style that works for her, is what makes Jess a great coach. Of course, she very much knows her stuff, but she continues to develop as a coach as we do athletes and the ability to do this is a significant strength. The fact that each one of us took on this sport as a bit of a whim, but have fallen in love with it is a testament to the enthusiasm and drive with which Jess both competes and coaches. I feel fortunate to have her there along for the ride with me!!

Valerie Abbott
Name Valerie Abbott

" Jessica has been an amazing coach, mentor and friend. First attending her group kettle bell class a little over two years ago, knowing nothing about kettlebells, and even less about the sport. Through attending the class almost religiously I became hooked. Jess instilled a love for the sport from day one. Through the years she has pushed me to become a better and stronger athlete, from thinking the 8kg bell was the heaviest thing I have ever lifted, to now having my eyes on a ranking with the 24kgs.

Jess has an uncanny knack of pushing us harder every set, without even saying a word, earning her the nickname of ‘Ninja coach’. She is also excellent at breaking down the movements of each lift; she has an excellent grasp of the dynamics of how you should move under the bells, coupled with her unbelievable strength, making for some great demos and displays of technique. Making her a great coach for beginners to pros of the sport. 

Her leadership skills and presence within this small but growing community is second to none. Through Jess, she coached another four athletes out of the eleven Australian competitors at last years IUKL World Championships. Once there, Jess took on, not only her role as coach for us, but as team leader, mentoring and coaching each and everyone of us. This dedication, knowledge and skill makes Jess a world class coach."


V x

Paul Mason
Name Paul Mason

In the short time training with Jess I have found her to be the ultimate professional .Her knowledge, skill and dedication to kettlebells is second to none.  She is currently helping me train for the Arnold classic in March and I could not recommend a better coach. I always have fun in her classes and she is so helpful.  Jess always wants you to achieve your best.  For that I am thankful to have some one with her passion in my corner.


Cheers Paul Mason

Kristina Ramsay
Name Kristina Ramsay

I first came into this sport a little over a year ago, not knowing anything about it and never having lifted a bell. Jess encouraged me to come down on a Saturday morning and try an open lift session. I stood in the back hoping to be inconspicuous, no chance! Jess was right onto that, helping me with my technique, and encouraging me to try heavier bells. I was unsure and not confident but she assured me I could do it, so I trusted her and have never looked back. With Jess’s encouragement and belief as well as the brilliant support of fellow lifters I am now lifting heavier bells. Going from 8kg up to now trying the 20’s is indeed a testament to her coaching. Jess was also instrumental in putting together a solid Australian team for the 2015 World Championships in Dublin, what an experience with great friendships made from both Australia and overseas and personal bests all round

The best thing about training with Jess is that she not only inspires and encourages us but that we are an inspiration to her. That’s the mark of a great coach and mentor. It’s one thing to teach us the art and technique of kettlebells but she throws herself passionately into instilling our own passion for the sport. Because of her coaching she helps us all to be an inspiration to each other, I see each and every one of us looking to each other, building us up, encouraging each of us to do better, she genuinely cares about the people she coaches. Jess is a can do coach and because of her attitude anyone who trains with her will see results.

Laura Brown
Name Laura Brown

I began training under Jessica about a year ago. At the time I had no idea what a huge effect she would have on my training and my attitude towards Kettlebell sport. She has helped push me to be a better athlete and to not give up on myself when the training gets a little rough. She is the perfect mixture of friend and coach, can be firm when needed but positive at the same time and she always makes me believe that if I work hard enough I will be able to reach my goals. She has coached me through the 2014 USA Kettlebell Sport Nationals and is currently coaching me towards the 2015 USA Kettlebell Sport Nationals and my first attempt at making the USA Kettlebell Sport National Team.